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Phone: 734-718-5462

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Excellence In Design is a contract Mechanical engineering firm committed to supplying quality, comprehensive engineering and design services in the Southeast Michigan area. 

We also offer limited out-of-state contract services, and online services.  Contact us to get more detailed information.

The E.I.D. Contract Engineer Offers: 

          Years of experience and diversity of input

          Instant progress while you take the time to find a permanent employee

          Help with workload fluctuations

          Expertise that you do not plan to keep on staff

          Help with training and organizing a young engineering group

          Help to design tooling and fixtures while your design team concentrates on the principle products

          Designing accessories for your main product line

          Getting you started with a new product or company

          Expertise to move a product from prototype to production

          Design of changes needed to existing manufacturing machines

          Design of assembly and holding tooling

          Design of quality control test and measurement fixtures

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