Excellence In Design was founded to provide experienced Mechanical Engineering and design support to fulfill your temporary needs. We cater to the small company that cannot commit to full time engineering staff.  Our years of experience and diversified backgrounds enable us to offer you complete solutions, in a timely and accurate manner.   Let us step in and make your problems go away.

About us

Use ‘em when you need ‘em.

Steve Henke principle EID engineer always wanted one of these if he fits.  shenke@eid55.com

Excellence In Design
42615 Boulden Court
Canton, MI  48187
Phone  (734) 718-5462
Fax (734) 981-0386

Steve Henke - Owner

Kevin Linn - Designer

42615 Boulden Ct.

Canton, MI 48187-3490

To contact us:

Phone: 734-718-5462

Fax: 734-981-0386

Email: shenke@eid55.com

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